Central Coast Business Review September2106 Issue


Marion Mikkelsen - Leading through innovation and putting people first

DIRECTOR AND CEO of Central Coast manufacturing company Open Shutters, Marion Mikkelsen has led the family business through more than two decades of highs and lows. She is a firm believer that transforming a challenge into an opportunity through innovation is the key to achieving sustainable success. read more

In this Issue...

Editorial: Economy and banks catch up with developers

ITíS ALWAYS BEEN a case of timing. Wonderful things happen and bad things happen. read article

200 jobs at Kangy Angy Train Maintenance Facility

THE CENTRAL COAST has scored a major employment generating investment with the State Government identifying the region as the optimum location for maintaining the new Intercity Train Fleet now on order. read article

International Football School secures lease at Mt Penang

THE INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL School which was established at Mt Penang Parklands nearly four years ago has signed a lease with the NSW Government that, with options, secures its future for the next 23 years. read article

The shape of customer demand has changed. Why?

Customer needs have grown more sophisticated. Buyers increasingly demand a tailored solution anchored in expertise about their industry or a specific function. read article


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